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S.M. Aqil Burney received the B.Sc. (Physics, Mathematics, Statistics) from D.J. College affiliated with the University of Karachi in 1970; First class first M.Sc. (Statistics) with emphasis on modeling and simulation in econometrics from Karachi University in 1972 with M.Phil. in 1983 with specialization in Computing, Simulation and stochastic modeling in from risk management. Dr. Burney received Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from Strathclyde University, Glasgow with specialization in estimation, modeling and simulation of multivariate Time series models algorithms with software development.

He is currently Meritorious Professor and approved supervisor in Computer Science and Statistics by the Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan. He is also the Director & Chairman Department of Computer Science, (UBIT), University of Karachi. He is also member of various higher academic boards of different universities of Pakistan. His research interest includes AI, Soft Computing, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Data Mining, Statistics, Simulation and Stochastic Modeling of Mobile Communication System and Networks and Network Security, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and MIS in health services. He is author of three books, various technical reports. Also published more than 125 research papers in international and national journals and attended around 75 national and international conferences/seminars/symposia. Also supervised hundreds of projects in operations, research, simulation, modeling, software engineering and intelligent systems, stochastic processes and biological/physical services. Project Director of various projects funded by Government of Pakistan. Supervised M.S/Ph.D students. At present more than ten students are doing M.S/Ph.D. He is member of Board of Advanced Studies, University of Karachi, Member of Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee for private Universities of Sindh since 2004 and Member Sindh IT Board. Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Sindh. Dr. Burney is also referee of various journals & conferences proceedings, nationally and internationally.

He is member of IEEE(USA), ACM(USA) and fellow of Royal Statistical Society, United Kingdom and also a member of Islamic society of Statistical Sciences. He is teaching since 1973 in various universities in the field of Econometric, Biostatistics, Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science. He has vast education management experience at the University level. Dr. Burney has received appreciations and awards for his research and as educationist.

Dr. Burney have been award best IT academician in the Country in 2003 by NCR(Pakistan). He is also member of National Curriculum Committee on CS/IT and Software Engineering.



- Software Configuration Management.
- Software Metrics & IT Management.
- AI with Applications in mathematical &
   Social Sciences.
- Multivariate Techniques in Machine Learning.
- IT/CS Curriculum Development.
- Network Performance Modeling.
- Spatio-Temporal Data Mining.

HMS-ICT Group :
-Presentation at the Stafford shire University(UK)

-Visit to Stafford shire University(UK)

(for the students of Research Methodology)
-Inductive & Deductive Research Approach
-Simulation of Systems
-Exploratory Data Analysis

-Artificial Intelligence

(of which Prof. Dr. Burney is the Director)

-- Umaer Basha Institute of Information Technology at University of Karachi.

-- Establishment of High Speed Fiber Based LAN with Wireless Computing Support at University of Karachi.

-- Improvement of existing facilities at the Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi.

Dedication by Students:.

"I am pleased to inform you that I have successfully defended my PhD work yesterday and have got the doctorate degree from INSA-Lyon, France. I cannot forget the the important part you played through your motivational teaching style. I admit that by the end of 3rd year of BS-Computer Science at DCS-KU, I was almost fed up of the studies and had never thought about furthering my education or pursue a career as researcher. But during the fourth year, I had the opportunity to attend the Simulation and Modeling course taught by you; your motivational teaching style during that course reignited the passion to do research inside myself and it was at that time when I decided to do a PhD. You were also very generous in providing an excellent recommendation letter that helped me secure admission in one of the leading French IT university. So at this happy moment, I would like to acknowledge the role you played in my achievements and would like to thank you for that."
Dr. M. Usman Ahmed
PhD INSA-Lyon, France (Former Student)




-- Citations of Dr. Burney as compiled by Google Scholar in March '16 Citations
-- Dr. Aqil Burney becomes "Life Member" of the University of Karachi Alumni Picture
-- Dr. Burney contributes Rs. 100,000/- to the University of Karachi Endowment Pic | News
-- Dr. Burney elected as Chairman Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) National Standards Committee on ICT (NSC-ICT)
-- Dr. Burney delivers Plenary Lecture in the 49th Annual Medical Symposium titled "Every life Counts" at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center ( Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Video ) - 19/04/2012
-- Dr. Burney awarded Gold Medal by Pakistan Intellectuals Forum for his tremendous services to Academics and Research (Picture) - 09/04/2012
-- Dr. Burney visits Cambridge, UK to present his research on Fuzzy Rough Temporal Databases at 11th WSEAS AIKED conference 2012 (Program)
-- Dr. Burney condoles the tragic demise of Arfa Karim, the youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) of the World. She will always remain a source of inspiration for the youth and her death is a national loss.
-- Book titled "ICT for Special Education " by Dr. Burney published by Lambert publishers
-- Book titled "Temporal and Fuzzy Databases" by Dr. Burney published by Lambert publishers
-- Book titled "Soft Computing Applications in Financial Engineering" by Dr. burney published
-- Sadiq Foundation, an NGO, has established an institution (Zainab computer learning center) in Nowshero Feroz. Dr. Burney is the patron and member Board of Governors of the institution.
-- Dr. Burney receives the honor of Meritorious Professor at the University of Karachi.
-- Dr. Burney receives NCR IT Excellence Award
-- Dr. Burney also a Member (subject specialist) of CIEC, Govt. of Sindh which monitors and evaluates the private universities/institutes of the Sindh province.
-- Dr. Burney received best work in IT and Statistics by IOSS (Islamic Society for Statistical Sciences.)
-- A performance shield from PAF KIET for providing help in establishing the institute.

Dedication by Students:

When you have an exceptional teacher, you want to honour him in an extraordinary way. Especially anyone who has been teaching for a number of years already has an extensive collection of assorted assets decorated with apples. It could never really be enough to thank my Supervisor Meritorious Professor Dr. Syed Muhammad Aqil Burney for everything. I found Dr. Burney warm and friendly and easy to be with. One might infer from his remarkable productivity that he was driven and ambitious, but in person he always seemed relaxed, mellow, and to be enjoying himself. He was a thoughtful and generous host.
For someone who was so accomplished and successful, he was surprisingly modest and self-deprecating. The words that recur over and over again in my mind are: “Generous,” “gracious,” “helpful,” “warm,” “loyal to his duties/colleagues”. What impressed me most was his over-riding concern for his doctoral/graduate students. His greatest professional satisfaction seemed to be derived from their achievements.
Dr. Burney is a truly outstanding and dedicated scholar whose research work is remarkable in the rich and latest fields of Computer Science like Wavelets, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Risk Theory, Database Management systems, Temporal Databases, Temporal Logic and so on. His painstaking empirical research with deep theoretical/ practical insight and analysis has made major contributions to the mainstream scientific journals of the world.
Dr. Burney will be remembered in my memories through out my life for three things. The first is, his high intellectual standards, whatever particular topic he was dealing with, second, extraordinarily well-organised in the development of his research, third, his extreme originality.

With profound regards and best whishes. One of the Humble Students of Dr. Burney

Lt Col Dr. Muhammad Afzal Saleemi
Head of Computer Science Department, PMA, University of  Kakul.


"I would like to thank Prof. Dr. S. M. Aqil Burney who supervised my undergraduate thesis, and introduced me to the fascinating and intriguing realm of probabilistic reasoning. What I have achieved in the form of this publication, was made possible by the longing and craving for new challenges and knowledge which he induced in me. He was and shall remain a beacon of light for all those who follow me in my stead."
Bilal Ahmed
Former Student and Currently working at RTMN Lab, Kyung Hee University,
South Korea