:: About Dr. Burney ::

Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney was born in 1951 in Karachi , Pakistan . He completed his education up to MSc. and M.Phil from Karachi and then went to United Kingdom for pursuing his Ph.D. His field of specialization in M.Phil was Stochastic Models of Insurance Business & related computing methods and field of specialization in Ph.D. was Estimation of Parameters of Multiple Time Series Models (Development and analysis of algorithms & simulation studies i.e. signal analysis in time domain), Simulation & Modeling, Data Mining, Software Development for Time Series Models .
Besides having several international books to his credit , he has also visited various countries for attending conferences , seminars and other educational purposes.Some of the countries include Canada , UK , Malaysia , SIngapore , Morocco , Italy ,Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

He has experience of more than 40 years in the field of education. He has taught in a number of reputable universities.

He has over 120 publications in the field of Statistics, Mathematics, Numerical Computing, Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Simulation, Econometrics, Operations Research, I.T. Artificial Intelligence and Risk Theory and Insurance.

He is also a member of several international professional organizations like American Statistical Association (USA) , Royal Statistical Society (UK) , Pakistan Computer Society, IEEE-CS (USA) , ACM (USA).

He had received several awards for his excellent services in the field of education , in research and development. He has received a performance shield from PAF KIET for helping in establishing the Institute(Sept `00). He also received best Work in IT & Statistics by ISOSS (Islamic Society for Statistical Sciences). NCR IT Excellence Award was also awarded to him for IT Educationalist of year 2001-02(Awarded in January 2001). A gold medal from PIF for his extraordinary endeavours and services for academics and research


:: Fields of Interests ::

Applied Statistics & Environment
Data Analysis & Modeling
Applied Stochastic Processes
Software Engineering
Simulation & Modeling
System Management & TQM
Operations Research.

:: Current Interests ::
Software Configuration Management (SCM)
Software Metrics & IT Management
AI with Applications in Mathematical & Social Sc.
Multivariate Techniques in Machine Learning
IT/CS Curriculum Development
Network Performance Modeling
Spatio-Temporal Data Mining
Fuzzy set and Rough set theories