:: Establishment of High Speed Fiber Based LAN with Wireless Computing Support at
University of Karachi::

In the year 2002 during the months of April and May, the idea to establish a High Speed Fiber Based LAN with Wireless Computing Support was conceived by Prof. Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney. Although this had been in his mind for quiet some time but when given an opportunity he presented the idea to Dr. Sohail who had come on a visit from Islamabad and was an HEC official (still is ) at that time. He liked the idea very much and requested that this should be sent to HEC for final approval.

Dr. Burney worked day and night to materialize and finalize the idea and in March 2003, it was finally sent to HEC for approval. On 7th April 2003, the project was formally presented and discussed in the DDWP meeting.

In June 2003, a revised version of the project was sent again as the technology was changing rapidly and Dr. Burney wanted the very best to be implemented at the University of Karachi, the institution where he has served for over 31 years.

On 12th August 2003, the administrative approval was given by the DDWP and the project was finally initiated.

More details about the chronology of the project can be found HERE.




Dr. Burney presiding one of the several bi-monthly meeting held to discuss the progress of HSFBLAN project.

Project Resources:

-- Logical Diagram
-- Project Presentation
-- Pictures from the Seminar about Network Management and Security sponsored by HSFBLAN.