:: Research Supervision::


Name Year of Reg. /Degree Title Subject Status
Maj. Dr. Afzal Saleemi 2002 (M.Phil./
New trends in smoothing and filtering of temporal data using information technology Computer Science Ph.D. degree Awarded
Dr. Tahseen Jilani 2003 (M.Phil./
Soft computing applications in Actuarial Science Computer Science Ph.D. degree Awarded
Dr. Nadeem Mahmood 2003 (M.Phil./
Applications of Temporal Logic in RDBMS Computer Science Ph.D. degree Awarded
Dr. Akhtar Raza 2004 (M.Phil./
Time series models for management of computing infrastructure and resources for forecasting and control Computer Science Ph.D. degree awarded (2011)
Mr. Badar Sami 2004 (M.Phil./
Statistical techniques in Text Mining of information retrieval systems Computer Science Final stages
Dr. M. Sadiq Ali Khan 2006 (M.Phil./
Recent trends in computer intrusion detection and network monitoring: A statistical modeling approach Computer Science Ph.D. degree Awarded
Mr. Syed Asim Ali 2007 (M.Phil./
Developing an Information and Communication Technology Acceptance Model in the context of Social Environment and measuring the Performance using Diffusion Models Computer Science Final stages
Dr. Syed Asif Ali (M.Phil./
Artificial Intelligence techniques in Special Education using Information Technology Computer Science Ph.D. degree Awarded
Dr. M. Zamin Ali Khan 2008 (PhD) Statistical approach to design analog VLSI / low power low noise CMOS amplifier for wireless application Computer Science Ph.D. degree Awarded
Ms. Humera Tariq 2008 (M.S./
  Computer Science Thesis submitted
Mr. Zain Abbas 2008 (M.S./
Intelligent Technologies using ICT and Soft Computing for Healthcare Management in Pakistan and other developing countries Computer Science Final Stages
Dr. Qamar-ul-Arifeen 2008 (M.S./
Soft computing approach in forensics: An intelligent approach Computer Science Ph.D. degree Awarded
Mr. Jawed Nasim 2009 (M.S./
Application of ICT in Agricultural science: A Pakistan case study Computer Science In progress

i) PhD on Stochastic Models for Client/Servers (Completed).

ii) MPhil on Correspondence Analysis.

iii) MS Thesis on Different Networking Paradigms at SSUET.

iv) BS Thesis in the following domains: Data Mining, AI, ANN, VoIP, Bayesian Networks, Semiotics, Data Warehousing & DSS, Object Oriented Databases, Parallel Virtual Machines.

v) More than 100 MSc/MCS Software & Modeling Projects related with Operations Research, Statistics, MIS, Computer Graphics, OPP, Software Engineering (1994-2003).

vi) Currently supervising two candidates for PhD in Temporal Databases & Data Mining Algorithms and Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks. Also supervising one M.Phil candidate in Software Development using Java for Data Mining & Similarity Analysis (Queries)


As a Resource Person

i) At National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) 1990-95 for teaching Operations Research, Statistics and Packages.
ii) At Cabinet Secretariat (Karachi) 1989, 1990, 1993, 1997 for teaching Operations Research, Simulation & Modeling.
iii) IT/CS and its importance arranged by Computer Friendship Society (of JAPAN) at AVARI Towers in 1996 for college teachers and principals.
iv) Internet & its uses with Demo at AVARI Towers in 1997 by Computer Friendship Society.
v) Hamdard University: Lecture of AI with Application at Hotel Regent Plaza, Karachi (1999).
vi) FAST, Karachi: “Stochastic Process with Application in Computer Science & Insurance” (1994).
vii) FAST Lahore: IT/CS Education Discussion Group (1998) on IT education in Pakistan.
viii) Governor House : CS/IT Curriculum in Universities of Sindh presentation at Governor House and a report was submitted (Report available on request).
ix) Degree College Malir Cant. : “Teaching Computer Science & Curriculum” at college level. (1999).
x) I.B.A., Karachi: Invited lecture “Strategies for Developing Curriculum” (1997).
xi) Bazam Science Karachi: Y2K, Computer & related problems. Dr. Saleem-uz-Zaman Center, Karachi (1999).
xii) Memorial lecture at Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Sindh University.
xiii) Dr. M.N. Talpur Memorial lecture on “Application on Stochastic Process in Computer Science and Insurance Business”. Institute of Mathematics & Computer Science, Sindh University.
xiv) Member Selection Board of Computer System, Sir Syed University, Karachi.
xv) Member Board of Studies & Selection Board on Computer Science, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur.
xvi) Member Board of Studies, Institute of Information Technology, Sindh University.
xvii) Govt. Ministry of Education (Curriculum Wing) Member National Evaluation Committee on the subject of Computer Science multiple textbooks and teachers guide (1995).
xviii) Computer Society of Pakistan seminar on Urdu Software Development Presided the 2nd session on invitation CSP and was awarded shield of the Society (September 25, 1999).
xix) Allama Iqbal Open University for invited lecture on “Modernization of Education using IT” at Silver Jubilee Ceremony of AIOU, Islamabad, November 16, 1999. (A multimedia presentation).
xx) Member Board of Studies, Department of Computer Science, Baluchistan University, Quetta.
xxi) Developed BS(Computer Science/IT) Curriculum for a 4 year university program for Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology