:: Umaer Basha Institute of Information Technology at University of Karachi::

Prof. Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney is the project director from the very beginning of this project. He has literally put in his heart and soul for the timely completion of this project. He has presided over 100 meetings during the period when construction of UBIT was going on. He is still looking after the UBIT with strong dedication and commitment.

A view of the completed UBIT building.

UBIT: A Brief Introduction.
Information Technology is envisaged as a major new tool for energizing the engine of economic growth. Information is now recognized as one of the most important tools that can help ignite rapid development of scientific and economic self sufficiency.

The Umaer Basha Foundation and University of Karachi decided to upgrade the existing Department of Computer Science to a full-fledged Institute of Information Technology named after an outstanding Pakistani student, Mr. Umaer Basha of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) who passed away in an accident. The Umaer Basha Foundation, USA has also very kindly offered its financial support and help in developing a formal academic linkage with the MIT's digital nation program. This linkage was only possible due to the affiliation of the late Umaer Basha with MIT.

The Umaer Basha Institute of Information Technology (UBIT) is established at the campus of the University of Karachi and housed in a new building complex.

The main objectives of the UBIT will be to impart quality education and conduct research in computer science and information technology. Through structured degree programs, intensive training courses for professionals, academians and researchers by organizing workshops and training courses.
The main elements of the program are focused on human research development in the field of IT. Specially designed research projects in computers, hardware & software engineering, IT, telecommunications, software technologies, high tech data analysis techniques and modern trends in CS/IT.

From Left to Right : Prof. Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney (Project Director UBIT), Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim (VC, KU) and Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman (Chairman HEC) at the inaugural ceremony of UBIT on 19th August 2004.
Dua offered at the inauguration ceremony of UBIT
Prof. Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney receiving Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman